A college student majoring in accouting who enjoys drawing.

**By purchasing my art services, you agree to Terms of Services. **

Regular Commission

  • Simple drawing.

  • No background/simple background (Colours).

  • Detailed background cost additional prices. (Range $5~$50)

  • 1 Character per drawing, extra character cost price multiple number of characters. (Max. 3 characters)

  • You can request background, pose, expression

  • Additional details such as props, animals cost additional cost.

Chibi Icon


  • Base Price $55 (One character and SImple background)

  • Size 16:9 in portrait or landscape.

  • You can request pose, expression

  • Come with background, can be requested. Price changes depends on details.

  • Character per drawing, extra character cost additional price.


**By purchasing my art services, you agree to Terms of Services. **

Last Updated : 09 September 2023

  • I may use the finished images to advertise my services or in portfolios.

  • Commissioner may use the commission for personal only.

  • No mass physical distribution or selling of prints of my artwork is allowed. (Except commercial price)

  • The artwork is not allowed to be used as data to trained by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or sold as NFT.

  • Commercial prices will discussed.

  • Commissioner may repost the artwork with proper credit.

  • A full size, no watermark image will be given. It is necessary that you use a watermark/resized version of the image before sharing publicly.

  • You can always check my to-do list of my commissions on TO DO LIST. It shows you if I have finished the sketching, lineart, flatcolour, shading, and effects stages of a commission.



  1. Commissioner sends the request.

  2. I will draw the sketch based on the request.

  3. Commissioner approves the sketch.

  4. Full payment sent by the commissioner.

  5. I will be finishing the process. Feel free to ask any WIPs during the process.

  6. Regarding edits, small changes like color adjustments, adding small details or fixing mistakes could be done for free. Any large changes (e.g., clothing changes, pose, setting) will be charged extra.


  • I only accept USD and payment through PayPal or Ko-fi.

  • Once I have finished the sketch you have 48 hours to pay.

  • Once payment has been received you no longer may cancel your order.


  • No refunds offered

  • If your waiting time for the commission would be longer than half a year, I will offer a full refund.


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