A college student majoring in accouting who enjoys drawing.

By purchasing my art services, you agree to Terms of Services.

Regular Commission

  • Simple drawing.

  • No background/simple background (Colours).

  • Detailed background cost additional prices. (Range $5~$50)

  • 1 Character per drawing, extra character cost price multiple number of characters. (Max. 3 characters)

  • You can request background, pose, expression

  • Additional details such as props, animals cost additional cost.

Chibi Icon


  • Base Price $55 (One character and SImple background)

  • Size 16:9 in portrait or landscape.

  • You can request pose, expression

  • Come with background, can be requested. Price changes depends on details.

  • Character per drawing, extra character cost additional price.


By purchasing my art services, you agree to Terms of Services.

Last Updated : 23 January 2024

General Timeline


  1. Client sends the form according to requested.

  2. Artist draws the sketch as on requested on the form.

  3. Client approved the sketch.

  4. Full payment sent by the commissioner, or down payment for higher value projects.

  5. Artist will be finishing the process and updates weekly. Client may ask WIPs during the process anytime and Artist response time may vary, up to one week in order to provide better or more concrete updates

  6. Client sends rest of the payment for higher value projects after lower resolution work sent.

  • Work completion requires 1 weeks minimum, and may take up to 6 months depending on each project.

  • Timeline depends on commission type, complexity, and workload.

  • Artist provides progress updates and seeks Client feedback voluntarily.

  • If there are any delays and adjustments to timeline, the Artist will inform the Client.

  • Clients have the right to request refunds if Work has not been delivered and there was no agreed upon amendment to the timeline after 6 months.

Payment and Refunds

  • Payment that accepted is in USD and through PayPal, Vgen, or Ko-fi.

  • Client pays full after the sketch, or pays a 50% as down payment for higher value projects.

  • In the case of projects above $80, the final 50% is due at first complete watermarked or low resolution preview of the final deliverables.

  • Invoices, proposal or payment link will be sent to the Client when Artist is ready to begin work. Clients must not send money before these requests for payment from the Artist.

  • Invoices must be paid within 48 hours, or the project may be cancelled.

  • Prices may vary or change depending on complexity, requirements and/or additional requests.

  • Once Work has begun or payments have been made, the Client acknowledges Work and deliverables are digital and there are no physically shipped goods to receive.

  • No refunds are possible after work begins unless initiated by the Artist.

  • If Artist cannot complete work or there are delays as mentioned in section in TIMELINE AND PROCESS for unforeseen reasons, the Client may be eligible for a full refund.


  • Regarding edits, small changes as color adjustments, adding small details or fixing mistakes could be done for free. Any large changes (e.g., clothing changes, pose, setting) will be charged extra.

  • Additional charges for excessive revisions may be required.

  • Clients may not edit the work after final delivery unless specified in the commission information, project outlines or otherwise approved by the Artist.


  • Artist may use the finished images to advertise the services or in portfolios, unless agreed on the form.

  • Client may repost the work with ONLY proper credit.

  • A full size, no watermark image will be given. It is necessary that you use a watermark/resized version of the image before sharing publicly.

  • Client may use the commission for personal only. Otherwise will be discussed more.

  • No mass physical distribution or selling of prints of the work is allowed unless in commercial use.

  • The artwork is not allowed to be used as data to trained by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or sold as NFT.


  • The Artist and Client acknowledges that information and materials that are provided to either party (including but not limited to personal information, technical information, marketing plans, payment information, or sensitive business information) outside of the development of Work, that will not be visible to the public, shall be considered confidential information and shall not be disclosed to any other party without prior written permission from the owner of this confidential information


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